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We’re excited to announce the integration of Binance Futures to the Bingbon Copy Trading feature set.

This integration enables Binance traders to connect and display their Binance Futures trades on Bingbon.

At the same time, copy traders can trade on Binance Futures, and the trades will be copied by their…

Host: Welcome @stock_gallery! First of all, we’re so glad that you have joined us today. 😁When did you enter the cryptocurrency market and what prompted your trading journey?

Bingbon Official_KO: I learned about the cryptocurrency market by watching the news in 2017. My first trading started with Upbit. …

Bingbon is proud to be launching its Profit Ranking Competition, the first NFT event to mark its third anniversary celebration.

We wanted to do something special for our users as a way of saying thank you for supporting us throughout our three-year crypto journey.

NFT is the abbreviated terminology for…

No one is certain how long the Altcoin hysteria will last for. But what is sure is that Bingbon wasn’t going to miss out on any opportunity from the altcoin season.

Bingbon intensified its marketing efforts across both Turkey and Latin America, yielding profitability. Since then, the exchange has witnessed…

Host: Welcome @Nebraskangooner 😄

First of all, we’re so glad to have you join us as the Senior Advisor of Bingbon. 👏

Nebraskan Gooner: Thanks, glad to join!

Host: For those that don’t know you, could we get a brief introduction about yourself and how you got started in crypto…

Host: Hi all, we’re muting the group as we are about to start the AMA.

Flow of AMA

There will be 2 parts to the AMA and it will last approximately an hour. We will be muting in some parts of the AMA.

1. Introduction & Interview to @herokim78 from…

Okay, let’s get started. For tonight’s AMA we have Kenneth with us! Thanks for joining us. First off, give us a bit of introduction to yourself.

Hi everyone, it’s Kenneth Kuo. It is a great honor to be invited for this AMA. I am an analyst and a trader based…

We are excited to announce that the updated New User Bonus system has been launched worldwide!
Currently there are 3 bonuses available for new registrations.

Bingbon will continue to expand the scope of bonuses over time, so keep an eye on your Rewards section!

Activity 1 — Deposit & Trade

Deposit at least 200 USDT


We welcome you to participate in the “Bingbon Philippines Trading Competition”. You will have an opportunity to share a 1,100 USDT prize pool and win extra rewards in the competition.

Activity Description

Activity Requirements: During the activity, users with account assets greater than 50 USDT at any time can register and join…

The Bingbon Philippines Demo Trading Competition will take place from January 7th, 00:00 to January 8th, 23:59 (GMT+8), with a daily reward of 250 USDT!

Daily top 3 by P&L rate rankings can win an additional reward of 25 USDT/ 15 USDT/ 10 USDT accordingly. …

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