What is Next for Bingbon? (Q1 Recap: New Listing and Promotions)

No one is certain how long the Altcoin hysteria will last for. But what is sure is that Bingbon wasn’t going to miss out on any opportunity from the altcoin season.

Bingbon intensified its marketing efforts across both Turkey and Latin America, yielding profitability. Since then, the exchange has witnessed a staggering increase in average trading volume with thousands of newly registered users joining our platform weekly.

In Q1 of 2021, there was an explosive growth of 51.21% from Q4 of 2020 in users from Latin America. We believe this was due to our strategic marketing campaigns and brand awareness in that market. We began revving up our marketing efforts in Turkey only in late January this year, so we expect the number of users there to be much higher in the next quarter.

Given the fact that Bingbon has recently listed 15 new coins only added fuel to the fire. Between early to mid — April, Bingbon listed AAVE, DOGE, ENJ, MANA, SAND, CHZ, KSM, PHA, AKRO, VET, SUSHI, SOL, NEAR, LUNA, and ATOM which are all paired with USDT. That brings the number of coins on Bingbon’s platform to a total of 29.

As hinted before, Bingbon is cognisant of the altcoin season and has not turned a blind eye or given deaf ears to the demands and needs of users. At the start of this year, our users have been asking us to launch new trading pairs. We have listened and answered their prayers; giving them a lump sum of options to choose from. With so many new coins being introduced, it came as no surprise when we saw a surge in altcoin trading on our platform. What we’ve discovered was a further climb in our average daily trading volume as a direct result. Adding additional trading pairs also brought with it other advantages as it allows us to compete with our competitors and stay relevant in the crypto space.

Global Partnership Strategy

Bingbon has been actively seeking to establish new partnership agreements and will continue to do so over the next quarter. Currently, we also have some of them in motion which will be revealed soon. As we continue building and expanding, we expect to create new bases aimed at increasing market share and strengthening our brand globally.

Bingbon remains committed to offering diverse, unique, and quality services to all our users. As usual, our dev team is working steadfastly to fine-tune and polish up our products while implementing new customized trading tools, so users get the best trading experience on our platform. For Bingbon, there is nothing greater than ensuring users are satisfied and happy with our services. In the interest of our users, we will carry on with providing customers more value for their investment by way of variety. With that said, expect to see more new coins being listed pretty soon.

Activities and Events

If all goes according to plan, Bingbon will be hosting multiple activities such as trading competitions and engaging events during the second quarter to keep users entertained while helping them to become better traders (winners will be rewarded with grand prizes). Already for quarter 1, Bingbon introduced two weekly activities — Bingbon Crypto Unscramble and Bingbon Crypto Simplified. These activities were primarily designed to boost user engagement while helping them to learn more about crypto and the various product offerings from Bingbon. How Bingbon Crypto Simplified works is that a random crypto word related to Bingbon’s product is selected, and users are then tasked with explaining the meaning of that term. However, with Bingbon Crypto Unscramble, the structure is a bit different although geared at achieving the same result. Three words are presented in an incorrect order, and it is the job of users to rearrange the words to unravel the right word.

Bingbon is on a mission to become the number one social crypto exchange and there is no stopping that. Backed by a team of humbled and hardworking professionals, Bingbon has risen to the occasion, transforming itself into one of the safest and most easy-to-use platforms on the planet. Bingbon remains optimistic and confident that it will keep on this same trajectory path for quarter two, attaining new heights.

About Bingbon

Established in 2018, Bingbon is a digital asset derivatives trading platform dedicated to providing simple and professional trading products and services. Bingbon not only provides cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH but also global indices, commodities, forex, other contract trading products, as well as an automatic copy trading function. Bingbon aims to protect the interests of users while creating a transparent trading environment so those users can enjoy the ultimate trading experience.

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